Bay window restoration

Vale Road09

This house had remained pretty much untouched since it was built, and even had its original outside loo! However, it was in a derelict state when we were called in. The features were very badly eroded, cracked or like in the sill’s case, had just disappeared completely!Vale Road01

We took everything off, salvaging what we could, and started to rebuild starting with new sills.Vale Road02

We then built up and added new bases, pillars and new caps which I’d carved. A new header was added which is being pointed in with a lime mortarVale Road03


These are 2 of the new caps I carved, to match the existing.

Vale Road06

The finishing touches were put onto the header stone with the v-cut pattern carved in-situ to match its twin.Vale Road05

It was a very hot couple of weeks.

Vale Road08

And this was the before and after, ready for the glaziers and the decorators.

Vale Road10

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In the Summer of 2014, Geraint Davies made a beautiful headstone for the grave of my husband David Bowles. He carved a perfect low-relief version of the Green Man head that was David’s signature piece, and below that, he cut the lettering showing his name, dates, and a blessing, all in mellow York Stone. The lettering is delicate and fine, giving the Green Man Roundel a prominent position. My family and I are very pleased with, and impressed by the quality of Geraint’s work, including the dedication he put into faithfully reproducing the carved image, and the way he involved us at every stage of the process. I recommend Geraint Davies as Artist, Sculptor, Stone Cutter, Calligrapher and Mason, as his skills encompass all of these forms. His level of commitment and devotion to excellence, are rare and wonderful qualities, along with his ability to relate to clients needs with sensitivity and intelligence, all contribute to the high quality of his work.
Gloria Bowles