Beautiful Cylindrical Bay Restoration

Cylindrical Bay

Cylindrical Bay RESTORED

This is Victorian stonework at it’s finest: cigarette paper-thin joints,, perfect mouldings and beautiful craftsmanship throughout. However, on closer inspection the stonework was in a pretty frightful state. 2 of the large window sills on the first storey had eroded and cracked.

The underside of the eroded sills

Poor repairs to a structural pillar – shoddy and dangerous

At the top of the picture you can see the erosion of the stone

The Restoration

We worked 2 new sills and numerous indents throughout the building. It was quite a labour-intensive project, but very enjoyable.

Indents – square spaces made for accurate replacement with new stone

Indent to the cracked pillar

New section of pillar in limestone

New sill to the right and various indents throughout the architecture

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