Things to consider before you commission any stonework (Or how to tell a stonemason from the rest)

Are they a stonemason? A simple question. After all, anyone can get business cards printed or paint it on the side of their van. But a stonemason is an ancient trade or craft and while it can take only 2 years to qualify, it takes a lifetime to master. It incorporates carving, sculpture, letter-carving, rubble-walling, […]

Posted in January 2017

Large Bay window on a small house.

I seem to be the go-to man in Southwest London for bay windows. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not complaining. Bay windows encompass all aspects of masonry – measuring, setting out, template making, banker-work, carving and fixing. I really enjoy them, and having a low-boredom threshold they don’t take forever either ūüėČ I’ve done 2 […]

Posted in September 2016

Why you should only ever choose stonemasons to fix stone

The worst building work I’ve ever seen Disclaimer: please note that the following is a cautionary tale. I¬†worked the stone¬†but the owner insisted on it being fixed (installed) by builders he was using. They turned out to be complete cowboys, and not even very good ones. A few months ago I was asked to supply […]

Posted in May 2016

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Geraint Davies was commissioned to design and carve a roundel to fill¬†a vacant place above the main entrance porch to Saint James’s Church,¬†Spanish Place. As a listed building of some merit and ¬†one of particular¬†interest in the Catholic history of London this was a sensitive task which¬†Geraint executed with great patience and skill. I was impressed by the¬†amount of time and care taken in preparing both the plans and the¬†material for what has turned out to be a splendid addition to the visual¬†impact of the church. Now that it is lit at night the roundel of the glorified¬†Christ attracts much interest and is becoming a noteworthy (and sympathetic)¬†part of the Marylebone architectural scene.
Father Christopher ColvenMarylebone, London