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Look after your stonework and it will last for ever

Maintaining your home is of course vitally important. Great stonework will also improve your house’s kerb appeal too. If you live in a red-bricked terraced house for example, the white-painted features will actually be built of Bath Stone – an oolitic limestone from the west of England. Older, oil-based paint is bad for stone – it doesn’t allow it to breathe and water cannot penetrate it, so when water does get in (as it always does) it has nowhere to go. Left for a long time the stone will erode and ultimately dissolve.

No obligation survey and quote

As a stonemason I care about keeping your stonework in great condition. As a home owner myself I understand how difficult it can be to find the right trades person to do the best job. I will come to your house, survey the features, give you a report and recommend a course of action. There’s no obligation and I’m very happy to work with your other tradespeople.

Some examples of my work

Alfriston 04

I carved two more of the stones above and inserted them into the porch (below). Note how only the decorated end is seen – the rest of the stone is hidden but structural. Other repairs were undertaken using a stone conservation repair mix.

Alfriston 07

This headstone above a threshold was in dire need of repair. We cut a keystone-shaped block and worked the moulding in, ensuring a very snug fit.

Bayford Road Before

I carved and fitted a brand new pediment, string-course and brick courses. See here for more details.

Cormont Road 01

I converted this window into a doorway. Part of an ongoing restoration and conversion project at a stately home in Wimbledon.

Wimbledon Doorway 1


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Geraint is a fantastic craftsman, as well as being a real gent and true to his word. We were delighted with the work he did for us – and would recommend him to anyone.
Matthew Littleford