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Stone adds gravitas and a timeless quality to your projects

With its versatility and inherent beauty, stone should be a landscape gardener’s first choice of structural material for a garden. But why would you need a stonemason? Because the organic shape of natural stones hidden in a rockery can be enhanced with a surprising carved quotation. A contemporary piece of sculpture can bring focus to a bank of greenery. The possibilities are endless and I have the skills and experience to bring them to life.

Geraint Davies Stonemasonry for all your stonework needs

I can carve traditional and contemporary pieces of sculpture, carve lettering into paving, walls or onto a stone feature, create or repair walling or turn any of your ideas into stone. I’m always happy to share my experiences and give advice on how you can realise you or your clients’ ideas. I can obviously give estimates for pitches or commissioned projects alike. Please call me (Geraint) on 07803 908 066, email me or use the contact form below to get in touch.

Some of my commissions and garden stonework

This green man carving was inspired by medieval Bavarian carvings and was a private commission.

Green Man  (1)

Letter carving of Roman type in Italian slate as a test-piece.

Letter carving

Portland plinth stones for a front garden in Kensington. Tooled in our workshop and installed by us.

Portland Plinths 01

The same plinth from a different angle.Portland Plinths 02

Project in Wimbledon which involved coursed-rubble walling in Doulting stone and an S-shaped external set of steps in Yorkstone.

Rubble Walling and steps 01

We had to pack the back of the wall out to continue the line of the building.

Rubble Walling and steps 02

This is at an almost-finished stage. The architect requested an additional two steps to be added to the bottom of the staircase.

Rubble Walling and steps 03

The rubble wall was pointed using lime mortar (hydraulic 3.5 lime, and sharp sand). The purple pad stones at the bottom are St Bees sandstone, and will eventually be the bases for the legs of a steel walkway.

Rubble Walling and steps 04


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Geraint is a fantastic craftsman, as well as being a real gent and true to his word. We were delighted with the work he did for us – and would recommend him to anyone.
Matthew Littleford