Garden Sculpture

Enhancing your garden with stone

One of the great things about working with stone is the variety of work that’s possible. We can produce anything from water-features, sculpture, through to letter carving. This is a very bespoke service which gives you a unique, hand-made centre-piece or objet d’art to adorn your garden.

Some of my favourite garden projects

I was involved in the making of this water fountain about 20 years ago. It’s in Bath stone and the masonry had to be 100% precise. The client was extremely pleased.

Lion fountain

I was also commissioned to produce a Green Man – these are proving very popular at the moment.

Greenman 003

Plaques can be inserted  with relief carvings onto retaining walls, such as this wyvern.

Limestone Carving of a wyvern (legedary winged creature) by Geraint Davies

Or if the Arts and Crafts movement is your thing, I produced some relief carvings inspired by the tile designs of William de Morgan. These could be inserted randomly on a tiled wall for instance.

William De Morgan 01

William De Morgan 02

I can also produce letter carving to suit any size or design, on sandstone, limestone and slate:


Sculpture is of course the ultimate statement in any garden, and can provide a centre-piece. I’ve also repaired statues as well. Here are a pair of hands I carved in marble for a long-suffering statue in Letchworth.

Hands before fixing

This is probably my most distinguished piece of sculpture – Transfigured Christ.

Christ 09

And here are a pair of capitals based on the drawings of Pugin’s father from his journeys in France and Flanders.


As you can see, anything is possible so do get in contact to discuss your ideas.


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Geraint is a fantastic craftsman, as well as being a real gent and true to his word. We were delighted with the work he did for us – and would recommend him to anyone.
Matthew Littleford