Smaller bay window on an Edwardian semi

Another day another bay…sorry. Nice job this, and just round the corner from me in Kingston upon Thames/  Surbiton. Replace a UPVC double glazed window with what was there originally. I took the measurements from the neighbour’s house and had to take out the rather nasty PVC window (below), while retaining the roof. Fortunately the roof on a bay like this is not reliant on the bay to hold it up, nevertheless we had to be very careful in dismantling it. The large pain of glass was over 2 meters in width. I don’t like handling glass either!

It’s amazing how many Victorian and Edwardian properties in London are like this. We forget how poor most people were for decades in London and these lovely homes were neglected in their upkeep, corners were cut and cheap solutions found.


So after we got the glass out we had to take off a course of bricks then we put on the sills and bases, all carved at my workshop, then the pillars.

By the way, we put a large wooden hoarding behind the bay for weather protection and security. It also enable us to secure the free-standing pillars to it before the lintels went in.


In order to get the lintels in so they fitted nice and tight up inside the bay (nothing is ever easy!) we had to take the corners of the fascia board out and slide the stones in, then put steels in the backs. The side lintels are keyed-in to the wall as were the sills.


By the way, those vertical grooves in pillars are called flutes.


I met the window fitters who were very complimentary about our work. I was determined to make their lives as easy as possible by doing as good a job as humanly possible.I got a high-five from them, and very satisfied client. He tells me the dormer window extension is next.


Restored to the original.


And the before and after shot…

Dawson Road before and after



  1. Ian Knight said:


  2. Debbie said:

    Idea of cost? Be very helpful.

    • Geraint Davies said:

      Hi Debbie. I don’t put costs in as each job is totally unique. I’m more than happy, however, to give you an bespoke estimate initially leading to a quote if you feel you wish to proceed. Thanks

  3. Simon said:

    fantastic restoration job!

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